Website Management

We’ve been designing websites since 1995. In my experience, most companies underestimate how much work is needed for them to keep their sites fresh and up to date.

We design websites for our clients. And we teach them how to maintain them and make basic changes to them. But sometimes you need a little more help.

We’re here to help you. If you are a corporation with complex website needs, we can take over any part of your website management. We work out a budget and a weekly schedule. We handle the work, ask you when we need information, and present you with a detailed task list weekly or monthly.

Things we handle for our clients:

  • Routine website updates.
  • Social media strategy AND implementation.
  • Corporate blogging and article writing.
  • Managing your search engine optimization strategy.
  • Tracking and reporting website traffic, trends, and needed changes in strategy.
  • Managing your Google Places account, client reviews, and building networks of inbound links.
  • Ghost writing, ghost tweeting, and Facebook pages updating.