Website Design

We make great looking websites that do all sorts of cool things AND are easy for you to update yourself.

We only work with content management websites, that is websites that are updated by logging into the site with an administrative password. There are a number of advantages to CMS websites:

  • Professional themes are very affordable and make your site look GREAT.

  • No more waiting for days for your web designer to make a small change to your website. Just log in, edit your page, and publish.

  • If you need your site to be something more than an online brochure, our CMS features are perfect for you.

We are a custom design company. We talk to our clients and design the sites that fits them. Our sites have a lot of advanced, interactive and social media features.

Check out our list of features:

  • Rotating banner/slideshow: Make your front page POP.
  • Client feedback system with custom forms: Design your own forms. Track submissions online or download the results to your database.
  • FAQ Feature: Easily provide answers to common questions with a slick, telescoping format.
  • Customer & Testimonial Page: Display client logos in your sidebar and testimonies about your work.
  • Product Feature & Overview Blocks: Display details about your products with a click.
  • Follow Us Feature: Provide links to your profile on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks.
  • Share This Widget: Drive traffic by allowing people to share your content on every major social media platform.
  • Corporate Blog with comments: Foster a community. Allow commenting on your site’s posts and content.
  • Mailing List: Allow visitors to sign up for your online newsletter. Sending a newsletter as easy as posting a blog entry.
  • Twitter Feed: Share your thoughts and wisdom with clients. Show your latest tweets on your website.
  • News Feed: Keep visitors informed and your site fresh with a custom news feed. Industry headlines on your website.
  • Discussion Forums: Move the conversation to your website. Host discussions and build community.
  • Integration with Disqus Comments: Use Disqus comment tracking and response system.
  • Advanced user Roles: Multiple users on your system with multiple permission levels. Editors, authors, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools Package: A set of tools to make Google take notice of your site.
  • Email a friend, PDF/Printer Friendly Pages: Every page on your site can be emailed to a friend, downloaded as a .pdf, or viewed in a printer-friendly version.
  • RSS Feeds for All Content and Users: Allows visitors to subscribe to all of your content or just selected parts.
  • File Upload/Download Library: Store files in a password protected library for easy uploading and downloading.
  • User Polls: Find out what your visitors think. Let them take polls online and track the results instantly.
  • Easy Integration with Google Analytics: The world’s greatest website traffic analysis system, integrated fully into your site.
  • 5 Star Rating: Embrace the social media revolution. Let users tell YOU what content they like.
  • Interactive Social Media Share Buttons: Let your users share your content on every social media platform, from the most common to niche services.
  • Advanced Forums: Bring the conversation to your site with our advanced forums feature.
  • Auto Content Expiration: Set your content to automatically delete. Very handy for time-senstive offers and information.
  • Full Featured Calendar System: Calendar system for your website. Downloadable in iCal format.
  • Advanced News Feed: Execute custom Google News searches and bring stories into your website AS ITS OWN CONTENT. Your site will always be fresh.
  • Flickr Integration: Fully integration with any Flickr account.
  • Lightbox Image Galleries: Beautiful images with a eye-popping lightbox feature.
  • Mollom Spam Protection: Automated Spam system to prevent unwanted comments. System plugged into a worldwide, learning database.
  • Subsites: Run subsites or blogs with their own custom designs.