Content Management Systems

When it comes to Content Management Systems, there are two kinds. Proprietary systems that cost a LOT of money and tie you forever to your developer and open-source or free systems.

We use open source and free Content Management Systems. That way you pay only for our expert help in installing and configuring the software.

Currently we use two systems:

Drupal is open-source software. With Drupal you can have a full featured Content Management System, along with thousands of free contributed modules, created by the Drupal community worldwide.

We use Drupal for corporate clients who need a site with a robust feature set OR who need a site that is easily scalable.

WordPress began as blog software and has been expanding into a CMS ever since. We use WordPress for clients with simpler needs. WordPress is easier to maintain and has thousands of very inexpensive themes available. Its features are more limited, but often plenty for individuals and small to mid-sized companies.