Complete Website & Social Media Management

Case Study #1: Trilogy Senior Living

Trilogy Senior Living has two companies. AlzCare and Sodalis Elder Living. A few years ago their websites were stagnant and not showing up on Google at all. The knew they needed freshly designed websites with regular updates but they didn’t have the staff or time to do anything about it.

Over the years we’ve discovered a lot of companies in this same situation. They KNOW what their site needs but they don’t have time to do it themselves.

We took over the management of all Trilogy websites. We have a contract with them for 8 hours of work a week. We do the following things:

  • Update their sites whenever needed. We add promo blocks for special events, update their online calendar, and make all the little changes that keep their site up to date.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work and writing. We monitor twitter and a dozen or so news organizations, keeping abreast of the latest developments in Alzheimer’s research and senior care issues. We write blog articles for them every week, seeding those articles with targeted search engine phrases.
  • Social Media management. We update their Facebook page and completely run their Twitter presence.
  • Ongoing SEO analysis. We watch their traffic and constantly monitor their placement on search engines for our strategic search phrases.
  • Directory and Link Management. We worked with Trilogy to create a corporate badge, which we have successfully gotten listed on dozens of high profile blog sites. We monitor their Google Places listings and work to increase the inbound links to their pages.
  • Anything else that comes along. If the sites need major changes or something special, we might take a week or two off from writing and do other work for the sites. This allows us to stay in our planned budget.

What’s the result of all this work?

AlzCare dominates Google searches for Alzheimer’s units for every city in which they have a facility. Their new Sodalis Cuero unit was #1 on page 1 of Google in searches for “Assisted Living in Cuero, Texas” before they even opened their doors.

We do all of this while keeping within our 8 hour a week budget.